Admission Open for Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) & Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Academic Courses

Bachelor of Computer Application

In this modern age of IT, many organizations and companies have been presence to take advantage of new information technologies and communication systems. They are looking for expert IT professionals who can apply principle of computer science to solve the real life problems & utilize the possibilities in the form of global village created by the interface between the business world and technology.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

REC has been offering Bachelor level program in Civil Engineering with its state of art infrastructure in the mid-western region, Dang. The objective of this course is to train students developing technical and analytical skills required to enable them to function and practice as professional civil engineers on all aspects of physical infrastructure development related civil engineering works such as design,

Bachelor of Electrical & Communication Engineering

Electrical and Communication Engineering is the discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of behavior and effect of electrons to develop components, device, systems and equipments to ease life and business. Combining transmission and reception signal is called Electronics Engineering. This has created avenues for specialized manpower who

Diploma in Computer Engineering (Computer Overseer)

Rapid development in the microelectronics and computer science has created the need for specialized manpower that could fuse these two cutting edge technologies. This fusion of knowledge and technology has led to evolution of highly specialized professional called computer engineering. Computer Engineers have wide ranging career options in business organizations, production /manufacturing and service sectors, and IT industries. The Diploma Engineers of this REC can start their own business as a young and energetic entrepreneur

Survey Engineering (Amin)

This Curriculum for “TSLC in Survey Engineering” is designed to produce Assistant level technical workforce having knowledge and skills in the field of survey engineering necessary to be TSLC graduates in the field so as to meet the need of such technicians in the necessity of the country. There are ten subjects, which cover all related areas of the work of Survey Engineering. Though some basic and essential theoretical inputs have been included, yet the focus is given on enhancement of the required skills, enabling techniques and competency building. This course is based on practical exposure in different…

Civil & Electrial Sub-Overseer

This Curriculum for “TSLC in Civil Sub-Overseer is designed to prepare competent general civil sub-overseers equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude especially, in the area construction Engineering & Technology of building construction, water supply, irrigation and road and trail bridges sectors. They can provide services in the growing infrastructure development industries (civil construction companies and consulting firms) government institutions (centre and local level), local as well as international non-governmental organizations or can start their own business.

Message From Principal

Resham Giri Principal

I take great pride on welcoming you to our college on behalf of Rapti Engineering College (REC). Since its inception in 2008, REC has been focusing on providing high-quality

education to students. REC was established in Lumbini Province by a dedicated Group of Academicians, Engineers & IT Professionals with the vision of building and developing the REC as a center of excellence for higher technical learning. Technical Education is the demand and necessity of the Nation & Modern Age which truly transforms talents into technocrats.

Course offered by REC covers a wide range of disciplines like Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Civil Engineering with Electronics and Communication Engineering. These courses and programs are being offered to meet the need of competent human resources in the region. These courses are not only useful for students looking for a career but also for professionals keen on improving their skills and knowledge in these areas. We believe in fostering a climate that encourages learning & personal growth at REC. This is the place where you can find the college of your dreams. Our focus is on making sure that our students could receive high-quality education relevant to the industrial demand of the national and global marketplace.

Our faculties are committed to providing quality training and education for the students. Your education might be further strengthened by the diversity of the faculty and students in enabling the exchange of ideas and effective learning. I hope, you will find the program educative and professionally rewarding as mentioned in the prospect.
Thank you!

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Rapti Engineering College is one of the modern academic institutions in Lumbini Province Nepal. It was established in 2008 by a group of dedicated, technical, academic Engineering & IT professionals to meet the ever-growing need for quality higher education. It wishes to provide the latest technology and engineering courses of global standard. The college has been running Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) since 2010, Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Electronics and Communication since 2011 under the affiliation of Pokhara University. Diploma in Computer Engineering, Pre-Diplima in Survey Engineering, Pre-Diplima in Civil Engineering, and Pre-Diplima in Electrical Engineering under affiliation of CTEVT… Read More


Rapti Engineering College

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