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Aims and Objectives Rapti Engineering is College is one of the technical education providing college in mid western reason. It was established in 2008, in Ghorahi, Dang. Rapti Engineering College, is running under the management of Rapti Science & Engineering College Pvt .Ltd. It is affiliated with (Pokhara University) & Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training (CTEVT).REC has been running BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) program under the management of Rapti Science & Engineering  college Pvt. Ltd. REC is running  B.E. in Civil,  Electronic & Communication, Computer (Proposed).

Three years Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCE) program has been running in Ghorahi, Dang. Diploma in Civil, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering has proposed in CTEVT.


The vision of rec is to evolve as the center of higher learning, excelling in academics,engaging in education, research and technology transfer as three faceted functions,in the best interest of the society, nation and humanity.

The mission statement of rec are:

  • Providing the youth with the best opportunities and environment for higher education and research in engineering, technology and allied sciences, to help them attaining high level of academic excellence, scientific temper, technical and professional competencies and life-skills.
  • Train and develop youth as total person, ready to serve the society and people to alleviate their sufferings and improve their quality of life.
  • Inculcate the values to appreciate the need for ethical standards in personal, social and public life, to become leaders, to be a voice to influence the society and nation, and to uphold just social order.

Aims and Objectives:

The School has a formal set of aims and objectives for all of the degree courses and programs. The aims are the broad purposes, which we have in mind when designing and delivering our programs of study.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a high quality education which prepares students for further study and research in Civil, Electronic & Communication & Computer Engineering and for a wide range of career opportunities in industry and commerce
  • To maintain an environment in a research-active department in which staff are committed to teaching Civil, Electronic & Communication & Computer Engineering as a coherent and challenging subject
  • To support teaching and learning with well-equipped laboratory, library and computing facilities
  • To monitor, review and enhance educational provision to ensure that it remains intellectually demanding and relevant to current needs of Civil, Electronic & Communication & Computer Engineering graduates
  • To provide the support and guidance that students need, and to encourage them to take on responsibility for their educational development
  • To foster friendly and stimulating learning environment in which students are motivated to reach high standards, to acquire real insight into Civil, Electronic & Communication & Computer Engineering and to become self-confident, committed and adaptable graduates
  • To continue to attract well-qualified students.
  • To provide service for society and nation.

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