Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become vital /indispensable components of almost every organization’s strategic plans. In this modern age of IT, many organizations and companies have been presence to take advantage of new information technologies and communication systems. They are looking for expert IT professionals who can apply principle of computer science to solve the real life problems & utilize the possibilities in the form of global village created by the interface between the business world and technology. Considering the great potential and lacking the qualified manpower in the nation, REC has been launching this BCA programs since 2010. As a result, students joining in this graduate program have exposed to various fields of computer applications and latest development in the Global IT industry.



The BCA graduates of REC will get opportunities to build their career in association with software engineer, IT Consultant, IT Controller, System Designer, Management Information System and Project Management Expert. In more specifically speaking, they will have a lucrative career in the global IT industry and various organizations (including Banking Sectors). They can work in the various capacities such as:-

  • Software Developer
  • Programmer ( using object oriented programming)
  • Application Programmer
  • System Analyst / Programmer
  • Database Designer and Administrator
  • Networking Specialist
  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Designers
  • E-Commerce Executive
  • Computer Sales Support Professional
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Software testing & Quality Assurance Professional

In addition, BCA graduates will get access to join universities for obtaining more advance degree of their choice such as MCA, MIT, M.Sc.IT / M. Sc. Computer   and MBA / EMBA.


Eligibility for Admission

Student seeking admission to Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) must have completed Intermediate in Science (I.Sc.), +2 Science (Physics or Biology), Diploma in Engineering or equivalent, Math, Computer Science, Management with Math or Computer, Education Science from recognized Institution, securing at least 2nd division marks.