Bachelor of Electrical & Communication


Electronics and Communication Engineering is the discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of behavior and effect of electrons to develop components, device, systems and equipments to ease life and business. Combining transmission and reception signal is called Electronics Engineering. This has created avenues for specialized manpower who could be engaged in design, development, operation and maintenance of electronic circuits and devices.


Career Opportunity

The graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering program have got the opportunity to build their career in following sector:

  • Nepal electricity Authority
  • Nepal Telecom
  • Private sector
  • Computer Software Company
  • NGOs and INGOs
  • Mobiles Companies


Admission requirements for B.E. Elex & Comm.


The entry requirement for a new student in B.E. will be Intermediate in Science(I. Sc.) or Higher Secondary level

(10+2,Science Stream) or Diploma in Engineering or Architecture or equivalent from a recognized Institute with at least second division marks at their intermediate level