Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE -Civil), is a four year technical academic program awarding a degree of BE-Civil. Duration of BE- Civil Engineering program is four years (divided into 8 semesters). The objective of the course is to produce high quality civil engineers and researchers.

Students who have passed 10+2 in science, Intermediate of Engineering or equivalent examination with at least second division marks in aggregate.

The prominent objectives of B.E. Civil are:

  • To provide students the fundamental knowledge and skill developing them as high quality leading civil engineers and advanced researchers standing among the 21st century’s info based society.
  • To produce high class manpower in favour of the country and its development fully skilled and trained to gather and synthesize information and data as needed to accomplish tasks.
  • To be good engineering citizens who are ethical and aware of the social, economic and environmental impact of engineering solutions.
  • To engage in life-long learning through independent study and participating in professional conferences, workshops, seminars or continuing education.

Civil engineers are qualified to carry out the analysis of problems and solutions, planning, co-ordination, calculation, direction and other activities concerning dams, irrigation systems, drainages, and water supplies. They also work in connection to means of transport-harbours, airports, railways and roads. Civil engineers also work on urban, rural, industrial and environmental drainage and topographic and geodestic astronomic tasks. They are qualified to carry out interdisciplinary jobs in the evaluation not only of aspects concerning design and calculation but also of general features such as economic and social aspects.

B.E. graduates in civil can proceed to pursue master level studies in Civil Engineering. They are eligible to study in any faculty related to science and Technology.


Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
ELE 132 Electrical Installation Practice and Safety 2
CMP 112 Computer Programming 3
MTH 110 Calculus I 3
MEC 116 Basic Engineering Drawing 1
ELE 120 Basic Electrical Engineering 3
PHY 110 Applied Physics 3
MEC 136 Engineering Workshop 1
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
MEC 170 Basic Mechanical Engineering 3
ELE 211 Network Theory 2
ELX 210 Electronic Device 3
ENG 110 Communication Technique 2
MTH 150 Algebra and Geometry 3
ELE 174 Electrical Engineering 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
MEC 131 Applied Mechanics II 2
CVL 211 Civil Engineering Materials 2
GTE 210 Engineering Geology 3
MTH 212 Engineering Mathematics III 3
WRE 210 Fluid Mechanics 3
CMP 290 Project I 1
STR 210 Strength of Materials 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
ELX 110 Basic Electronics Engineering 2
WRE 211 Hydraulics 3
MTH 230 Numerical Methods 3
MTH 220 Probability and Statistics 3
STR 212 Structural Analysis I 3
CVL 221 Surveying I 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
ARC 358 Building Technology 2
WRE 350 Engineering Hydrology 2
CMP 390 Project II 2
GTE 320 Soil Mechanics 4
STR 312 Structural Analysis II 3
CVL II surveying II 3
ENV 330 Water Supply Engineering 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
STR 331 Concrete Technology and Masonry Structures 3
STR 320 Design of Steel and Timber Structures 3
GTE 321 Foundation Engineering 3
WRE 320 Irrigation Engineering 3
ENV 331 Sanitary Engineering 3
CVL 322 Survey Field Project 1
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
STR 440 Design of R.C.C. Structures 3
x Elective-I 3
ECO 411 Engineering Economics 3
WRE 430 Hydropower Engineering 3
TRP 411 Transportation Engineering I 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
CVL 441 Construction Project Management 3
X Elective II 3
CMP 490 Project III 5
TRP 412 Transportation Engineering II 3