Dear Students,

21st century is the age of Information and Technology. Human brain is watching the world sitting on a single room. Activities of the world can be monitor very easily due to technology. To provide good guideline for youth, is responsibilities of their parents, teachers and nation. Education is the light, future and gateway of life. Students are the raw materials, we can make them as we wish. We have to provide them knowledge based education. Students have been reading since 3-5 years to 30-35 years. If we can not prove the students interested education, they may drop out study, may go abroad for labor and may face very obstacles in the life.

The demand of nation and modern age and interest of students, by understanding that the college was established by a experienced, dedicated & educational youth. Rapti Engineering college is the one of the essential college in Midwestern region. It is the proud of active students, intellectual guardians and all education field. By accepting this truth, request for all to provide love, suggestion, sympathy and good guide line for future. Hopping that , all guardians, educationist, students, social, national, international educational agencies will support in our program which will help us to plan, and add more program in same field. We commit to change your trust in behavior.

I Look forward to positive response from all sides.

Madhusudan Vaidhya