Dear Students,

Thank you for being near with Rapti Engineering college for your higher education. REC is one of the most essential independent private college of higher education in Rapti. Education is the backbone of the nation. For the development of nation technical education plays key role. Now, College has been running Overseer level Engineering in Computer. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is running with affiliation to Pokhara University. New programs Civil, Electrical, Electronic in Engineering will lunch very soon in diploma level. To fulfill the growing demand of technical & management professionals, in near future, the college is going to establish B.E. in Civil, Computer & Electronic and Communication. College is planning to provide Technical Education and Vocational Training in various field. It will play key role in the field of education, industry & national development.

Our focus is on making sure that our students receive an education that is not just of high quality but relevant of today’s industry and highly competitive global market place.

We hope you will find our programs educative and professionally rewarding.

Bhimsen Giri

Managing Director