Ghorahi, Dang. The interaction program related to teaching and learning has been completed in Rapti Engineering College.

Dr. Shailendra Giri expressed the belief that through the use of social and other clubs among the students, quality education can be effectively promoted and provided through the collective interaction of student teachers on a regular basis.

Speaking at the event Executive Director Dr.  Shailendra Giri shared the experience that gained during his educational visit to Japan and visiting the university was enlightening to the students.

Rapti Engineering College Managing Director Dr. Bhimsen Giri trained the students about the roles of students in quality teaching and learning.

Also Dr. Giri emphasized that the goal can be achieved only if the students take initiative for their overall development.

The program was facilitated by the director of the college, Madhusudhan Vaidhaya.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Everest International School and Rapti Engineering College in Tokyo, Japan to exchange educational experience, knowledge, skills and students, cultural exchange, support in research and advance in language education. Chairman and Executive Director Dr. Shailendra Giri handed over MOU to college principal Resham Giri.

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