Ghorahi Dang. Rapti Engineering College has completed the examination related orientation program for the students participating in the semester final examination in BE Civil and BCA program. In the orientation program, College Management Committee Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Bhimsen Giri had given training to the students on what to do, how to study, etc. to get good marks in any exam from the beginning of the semester, one month before the exam and during the exam. He also stressed on the need to embrace modern study style along with health and nutrition in student life. Dr. Giri asked all the students to change the way of studying in a new way. Dr. Giri emphasized that the goal can be achieved only if the students take initiative for their overall development in proactive way.

Similarly the assistant lecturer of the college Engineer Lokendra Dangi said that all the activities he had done till the time of studying Diploma in Computer Engineering, BE Civil, with the main objective of making students feel comfortable in how they should study and study in the present situation, during the semester period, the students were divided into groups and studied at different stages. Er. Dangi said that students should emphasize on developing the habit of studying smartly in the current situation. He trained the students on what to do before the exam, after the exam and in the exam hall.

College Director Madhusudhan Baidhaya facilitated the program in which students enrolled in BE Civil and BCA programs participated.

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